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Jesus Christ Foundation was first established in 1994. From being a local church today, JCF has seven local churches in Cyprus, one in Lebanon, and more than ten churches in the Philippines. JCF Church also works in West African countries. 


Jesus Christ Foundation Church of the Netherlands in Amsterdam functions as the headquarters of all these Chapters. JCF Church Amsterdam is an English-speaking Church, consisting of Nigerians, Ghanaians, Filipinos, Surinam, and the Dutch. These are the main groups represented in JCF Church Amsterdam. 


We all are the rainbow children of God


We all are the rainbow children of God. We are unique yet have a common God; we speak various languages but share a common Christ; we all have varied skin tones but share a common Bible. As followers of Christ, we are not to pass judgment on others but to love them! Even if they are of another religion or have no faith at all, we love them unconditionally. We strive (with an emphasis on strive) to be Christ-like Christians while acknowledging that we are not perfect, full of flaws and errors. Nevertheless, God loves us and offers us many opportunities via His grace.

As a result, our church's focus is to love individuals to the best of our human and fallen abilities and to embrace all people with an open arm theology, regardless of race, gender, or skin color. We want to demonstrate Christ's unflinching love. Based on this critical tenet of the Christian faith, the JCF church places a premium on assisting migrants in establishing a foothold in Dutch society and the Kingdom of God. As a result, JCF places a premium on social and biblical justice for society's outcasts, particularly migrants.

We all are the rainbow children of God

Our Mission

Our Mission


to proclaim the good news 


to teach, baptize and nurture new believers 

Service & Charity

Service & Charity to respond to human needs 


to seek to transform unjust structures of society


to safeguard the integrity of creation, sustain and renew the life of the earth 


Our Motto

The Glory of God is Humanity Fully Alive!
(St. Saint Irenaeus)

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